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Time and Attendance System in UAE

Zurich Technologies solutions enhance the bottom line value of our customer’s time attendance operations. With Zurich Technologies time and attendance system in Dubai you will never have to worry about the cheating and manipulation of time sheets. Our time attendance system software accurately transfers hour’s worked – no more extra work for you. Zurich Technologies is the best Time and attendance system in UAE.

Biometric time attendance system

For decades, Time and attendance systems were consider a security tool that allows authorized personnel enter a building or area. A biometric time attendance system provides high level identification management security operations. They have many advantages over traditional means and currently, they are available to you at lower costs. Employing a time attendance system makes it impossible to forget your means of access. It’s also faster, more reliable, and more accurate than alternative systems.

A biometric access control system identifies each individual according to their unique personal qualities and characteristics. There is also a varieties of qualities. Here you can choose to act as your employee’s key. Fingerprints, palm prints, their DNA, voice and even their face can be use as a key. These features cannot be easily duplicates, which implies only the authorized person gets access and you get high level of security. Biometric time and attendance systems are also very user-friendly. Having an employee database means almost immediate recognition and access.

Access control system

Time Attendance / Access control door controllers are the brain of this revolutionary biometric system. This fingerprint access control system permits only authorized users. That are on the premises, and it registers both their entry and exit times. If you want a time attendance management system that provides excellent reliability, this system is unmatched. Fingerprint-based access systems are the best Systems to solve all of your issues associated with the attendance of the worker. Thumb based Access system is uses to uniquely determine a person. We offer the most effective and high quality Korean and china-based Time attendance / Access management systems. These are the best Standalone Biometric systems for managing the time and attendance of employees. Zurich Technologies is the best time and attendance system in UAE.

Features of Time and attendance system in UAE:

Accurate Identification

Biometric Time attendance system Dubai offer a high level of accuracy than the traditional systems that are dependent on passwords, personal identification number (PIN), smart cards etc. Biometric systems use biological characteristics like fingerprint and iris scans that provide unique and accurate identification methods. These options cannot be easily duplicates, which means only the authorized person gets access and you get high level of security.


Time attendance system Dubai creates a clear, definable audit path of transactions or activities. This is especially handy in case of security violations because you recognize exactly who is responsible for it. As a result you get true and complete accountability that cannot be duplicates.

Easy to install and Safe for use

The good thing about using biometrics for identification is that modern systems are built and designed to be simple and safe to use. Biometric technology offers you accurate results with stripped-down secrecy as a simple scan or a photograph is usually all that’s required. Furthermore, the software and hardware are often easily used and you can have them installed without the need for excessive training.


Biometric time attendance system in Dubai is extremely quick. A person is often identify or rejected in a matter of seconds. For those business owners that perceive the worth of your time management, the use of this technology will only be useful to your office revenue by increasing productivity and reducing costs by eliminating fraud and waste.


Another advantage this time attendance system in Dubai is that they can’t be guess or robbed; Hence they will be a long term security solution for your company. The problem with efficient password systems is that there is often a sequence of numbers, letters, and symbols that makes them difficult to remember on an everyday basis. The problem with tokens is that they’ll be simply stolen or lost – both these traditional methods involve the risk of things being shared. As a result, you can’t ever be very sure who the real user is. However that won’t be the case with biometric characteristics, and you won’t have to deal with the problem of sharing, duplication, or fraud. Zurich Technologies is the Best Time and attendance system in UAE.

Return on Investment

It’s definitely high because you can avoid fraud as well as “buddy punching,” besides lowering payroll costs, accurate calculation of work hours, and reduced management time. While the protection is improves you’ll be able to also easily apply consistent policies and procedures at constant time. And everyone you have to think about is the initial cost of the time and attendance system.


Zurich Technologies is the leading CCTV service provider all over UAE. We provide a wide range of high-quality security systems & best CCTV camera which are install in probably most of the central locations around UAE. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a popular device use by people to monitor homes or businessess. CCTV Cameras are becoming universal in modern society. It could give a complete guarantee of security level. CCTV is a great way of enhancing security at your home or business.

CCTV security system

It does not allow you to keep a watchful eye on your property and loved ones. CCTV is important to act as a visual barrier to barry potential intruders from thinking of entering your property by placing CCTV in-home or businesses. It helps to prevent theft and robbery, And also it helps to monitor the behaviour of employees. CCTV makes all our lives safer. It can spot accidents, Missing people are found, criminals are traced and accidents are prevented by the use of CCTV. Also, Householders feel safe and more protected. If they have CCTV security systems installed in their homes. Businesses, and with them, livelihoods are protect from theft and monetary loss by the use of CCTV security systems.

The security system of CCTV is more secure than any internet-based camera monitoring. Also, High-quality CCTV cameras send output to only a few recording systems and monitors. Thus, these cannot be trace by any hackers. There is no compromise on your privacy as could be a case of violations in online security. You have complete control over your system and thus you can ensure the safety and security of your family and business. Zurich Technologies is the best time and attendance system in UAE.

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