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Zurich Technologies are the leading RFID cards provider in Dubai with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. We are a reliable source of passive and active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards.

Radio frequency identification Cards are similar to that of a credit or debit card in look and feel but is completely different from inside. The RFID Cards contain an embedded microprocessor and integrated circuits that are present under gold contact pad on one side of the card. The microprocessor exactly replaces the magnetic strip on the debit cards and credit cards. This microprocessor on the RFID Smart Cards contains information that can be changed, deleted, added or modified.

RFID cards have RFID chip for transmitting data to a reader. To read and store the information in it one doesn’t need to swipe the card through a reader instead all you need to do it is to pass the card with in a range of the radio frequency reader. The sophisticated microprocessor chips on the RFID Cards have state of the art safety features that are built in and protect the contents of the memory from unauthorized access. The microprocessor on the RFID Cards offers security and it enforces access to the data on the card.

We are known for our high quality and sturdy, cost-effective RFID cards that suit your specific requirements. The Smart Cards contain more information than any magnetic strip and is easily programmable for different applications. In Today’s World we are all dependent up on technology, RFID cards are widely used on many applications such as access control systems, Time attendance systems, Loyalty program, Mass transportation ticketing system, Staff identification system, Ware House management, Health care management, Toll Road management just to name a few. We can offer our clients with RFID Smart Cards that are specifically designed to be inserted into a slot and read by a special reader.

RFID card dealers in Dubai and across GCC can contact us for having a consistent supply of high quality RFID cards as per the quality parameters and requirements. We are your best source of RFID cards with quality standards assured in place.

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