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The Technology That Save The Airport Industry Up To $22.4 Billion

  • baggage tracking system solutions uae zurich technologiesLosing your baggage at an airport might soon be an issue of the past, thanks to the introduction of a technology that tracks your baggage in real time. The deployment of radio frequency Identification (RFID) technology can accurately track passengers baggage in real time across key points in the journey; can change the air transport industry to save more than three billion dollars over succeeding seven years. One of the major surveys regarding the usage of RFID in Baggage tracking revealed that the extremely accurate tracking rates of RFID technology may reduce the amount of mishandled baggage by up to 25% by 2022. In particular, RFID can address mishandling during transfer from one flight to another. The technology can ensure that airports, airlines and ground handlers are able to keep track of luggage at each step of the journey and ensure the right bag is loaded onto the right flight. One of the popular surveys regarding the RFID in baggage tracking says that technology has helped reduce the amount of mishandled baggage by 50% from a record 46.9 million mishandled baggage in 2007, saving the industry $22.4 billion. Initial deployments of RFID by airlines shows a 99% success rate for tracking baggage, helping further reduce the number of mishandled baggage. With some huge airlines and airports already introducing RFID technology, combined with the fact that it's compatible with existing barcode technology, adoption of RFID across all airports could provide a positive return for airlines, both in cost savings and passenger satisfaction.
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