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Now a day’s many problems occur in airports. Main problem is mishandling of luggage during checkout, loaded to the correct airplane, etc.  Zurich Technologies RFID baggage tracking system make the process of luggage handling easier and faster as it will reduce the passenger waiting time when a mishandling error occurs.

An RFID reader is implemented that can do various computing and logging operations that support the deployment of real-time tasks, execution, control and automatic update of passenger details.

By using RFID technology, the mishandling of luggage can be minimized by the proper and interactive communication in the system.  Even though luggage is missed it can be find out using GSM/GPS technology. This GSM gives message to the customer if luggage is missed. Then GPS will find out the exact location of the luggage.

Zurich Technologies RFID baggage Tracking System integrates the radio frequency Identification (RFID) in baggage tracking that can customize and track the luggage of passengers in Airports. RFID tags are used to determine and track the location of passengers’ luggage. This paper investigates the use of an interactive bracelet that communicates with the RFID system powered by Zurich Technologies by mean of a database application. The database system interacts with the bracelet using messages that inform the passenger regarding his luggage status.
By integrating rfid technology in baggage tracking , scanners uses radio waves to capture highly accurate and consistent data stores on an RFID chip embedded in luggage tag, driving superior tracking and increased transperency. Customers can see their bags on and off the aircraft during journey via push notification.


  • Customers can see their bags on and off the aircraft during journey via push notification
  • With rfid scanners agents have the ability to take inventory quickly or pinpoint a single bag
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