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We provide a complete solutions of access cards and credentials for a wide range of form factors of physical and logical access control as well as converged solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics and other applications. Access cards give utmost security for both businesses and its employees. Lots of businesses use proximity cards to control the physical access. These types of cards are more relevant because the employees can have access to their workplace without having to remember their password keys or PIN (s) or conventional keys etc. These cards are suitable for remote entry. An employee holding this card doesn’t need to enter it in to a card reader and wait for the card withdrawal for the entire transaction. The employee  can holds the card with a few inches from the reader and the reader will receive the id from the card and transmit to a computer having the database of employee’s details and decides whether to open the door or not.

The big advantage of  access cards Dubai  is its simplicity. There is no need of mechanical wear, slots, moving parts or read heads to maintain. Access cards are extremely secure and practically impossible to duplicate and they are less prone to damages or loss. The read range will vary depending up on the card and the reader. The larger the read range, the larger will be the reader‘s antenna and it size. Even if the card is in the pocket of employee, the reader can read it and authenticate.

We know how to help you to maintain the customer trust you’ve earned and provide the reliability and security that you and your clients or users demand. Our Access cards are reliable and secure. Access control cards are increasingly used these days because of its reliability, security and improved user experience. Our versatility allows us to handle popular module sizes and configurations of access cards.


Zurich Technologies , the leading Mifare card providers  brings to you a complete range of hi-tech Mifare contactless cards which are stunning, highly durable that are also designed to fulfill multiple applications. These Mifare Cards come both in standard ISO format as well as in the clam-shell format. ISO format cards are manufactured from high quality white PVC sheets and possess an impressive finish.

MIFARE is the NXP’S leading brand for a wide range of contactless IC products with a typical read/write distance of 10cm used in more than 40 applications worldwide. MIFARE products are proven and more reliable than any other interface technologies in the market.

MIFARE Products have established an excellent reputation and footprint as the contactless solution that delivers convenience, flexibility and scalability for application developers. The leading products available are MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire and SmartMX.

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Zurich Technologies, brings to you the complete solution of  of high quality RFID cards that are highly durable and cost effective  that suit your particular requirements.

Most of all smart card available today need a card reader to read and store the information containing in it. But in case of RFID cards instead of passing  through a reader,  all you need to do is to pass the card within the range of radio frequency reader. RFID cards are plastic cards that have Radio Frequency Identification inlay inside of it.

In today’s world, where we all are dependent upon technology, RFID cards can be used for a lot of applications such as Time Attendance, Access Control,  Library Management, Warehouse Management,  Retail Inventory Management, Toll Road Management,  Healthcare Management,  Asset Management, E-Purse,  Animal Identification, Loyalty Applications just to name a few.

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PVC Cards

Zurich Technologies offers a wide selection of PVC cards that are manufactured with the highest grade materials using the latest equipment and processes. The PVC cards are designed and produces to meet the requirements of the dye-sublimation thermal transfer and UV ink printing processes.

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