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Access control and time attendance management UAE T&A SYSTEMS

Manufactured by UnionCommunity (South Korea) the ViRDI range of Biometric Terminals are high-endAccess Control, T&A and Meal Management systems. Utilising patented technologies ViRDI is one of the most popular and secure Biometric Terminals available in the world.

  • Worlds Highest Ranked Extraction & Matching Algorithm as determined by the FVC Ongoing
  • Patented Live & Fake Fingerprint Detection
  • Patented Fingerprint Sensors
  • Patented Communication Protocol

VIRDI Distribution SA (Pty) Ltd adds accessories and knowledge that is unique to the African Continent and its installation requirements. The AC 4000 is a stable workhorse Biometric Terminal from ViRDI. It is utilised in areas where high levels of security are required or where large numbers of users are present in areas where aesthetics aren’t important but functionality is. The AC 4000 is available in 125KHz RFID or 13.56MHz Smart Card models.


  • 128 x 64mm Monochrome Screen
  • 22 000 Card Users
  • Maximum 22 000 fingerprint users (1:N)
  • 55 000 Event Log
  • Numerical Keypad
  • 1 / 1 000 1:N fingerprint template comparison in under 1 sec
  • Two-Wire Intercom Functionality

The AC 4000 connects to the UNIS Access Control and Template Management software suite for full Access Control, T&A and Meal Management Functionality via Structured Premise Cabling (Cat 5a or Cat6) and a TCP/IP network.


  • BLC-015 – Single door controller. Secure Relay, Lock Control, Power Supply and Battery Charge Circuit with drop-out protection
  • ACC420 – Secure External Relay Circuit with 26bit Wiegand Interface
  • EB-030 – No Touch Capacitive Exit Request Sensor
  • ACC220 – Horizontal Robust Enclosure (Needs ACC225 Mounting Plate)
  • SR-100FP – Biometric and RFID Slave Reader (NOT for use in high traffic areas)


Type Biometric
Ingress Protection NONE
Memory MAX Users Card (Card) 22 000
MAX Templates 44 000
MAX Users (1:1) 24 000
MAX Users (1:N) 22 000
Recommended Users 1:N 3 000
Transaction Log 55 000
Photo Log NONE
MAX Access Groups 512
MAX Access Areas 512
MAX Access Times 128
MAX Time Zone 128
Template-on-Card YES
Communication To UNIS TCP/IP
Other NONE
Controller CP-040 RS-485 Secure Protocol
Wiegand 26bit / 34bit / Custom
To 3rd Party Devices RS-232 Samsung SRP-350 Printer
Wiegand 26bit / 34bit / Custom
RS-485 NO
From 3rd Party Devices Wiegand 26bit/34bit/Custom YES
Card Reader RFID 125KHz – EM4100 YES
Smart Card YES
Mifare YES
Desfire NO
Display LCD Monochrome LCD
Size 128 x 64mm
Backlight YES
Built-In Camera NONE
Autoscan YES
Door Phone Interface YES
Function Keys 4
Sensor Type Optical
Sensing Area 15mm x 17mm
Resolution 500dpi
Verification 1:1 < 0.5 sec
Identification 1:N (1 000 templates < 1 sec
Dimension (W) x (H) x (D) in mm 181 x 109 x 47
Support Slave Reader SR-100FP YES
FRR / FAR 0,1% / 0,0001%
Power Supply 12VDC
Power Consumption 400 – 700mA
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