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Zurich Technologies provides leading and innovative approach for your Near Field Communication (NFC) marketing. Through zurich technologies NFC marketing Dubai your organization can choose the NFC marketing that’s right for your unique needs. This connected world will provide new opportunities for your business, changing the way your customers interact with your products.

Near Field Communication (NFC) marketing works well with the smartphone technology to access content as well as to share files, images etc. This is a simplified method to deliver files securely. This contactless NFC marketing Dubai offers convenient solutions in the transporting and payment industry. Integrated with the twenty first century mobile phone the NFC technology is extended to produce mobile contactless services solutions. Mobile users using NFC are able to securely purchase goods, top-up their transport pass and use coupons just by using their mobile in an exceedingly contactless mode. NFC technology works well to be able to provide you with the best that comes with similar devices. This is a simplified method to deliver files securely. It acts as a form of communicating with your clients as well as business associates. It also plays an important role in marketing and strategizing. NFC technology  utilizes a chip that can be embedded on SIM Cards, Micro SD Cards or on the phone unit itself.

NFC Marketing provides a more efficient and timely customer service. Reporting on the data the users are providing will instantaneously allow businesses to trace and examine results of various campaigns in real time. When a client checks into your establishment, redeems a coupon and purchases the discounted product or service, the business will instantly grasp the path and trend for that customer.NFC Marketing will allow them to redeem coupons, archive receipts, build on various loyalty programs such as check-ins, redeem gift cards/certificates and connect to their existing credit card accounts.  All of these options will bring great value to the end user and provide a much more efficient way to purchase products and services.

We are a global supplier of NFC Products and NFC related products including NFC Cards,NFC Stickers, NFC Tags etc.

NFC Tags:

With an ever-increasing range of commercial applications for Contactless technology, tags are being deployed more commonly in harsh environments. Our range of NFC tags are specially designed to be more robust, sturdy and resilient, so they may be more reliably used in places where traditional Contactless tags may be subject to damage.

In warehouses and retail environments, for example, heavy and repeated moving and handling can take its toll, thus it’s better to use a tough NFC tag for asset control. Similarly, in outdoor Contactless applications and medical settings NFC tags will facilitate to maintain reliability and efficiency.

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NFC Cards:

NFC cards provided by Zurich Technologies are ideal to be used in ticketing and access control, suitable for either only once or multi-pass usage. Economy paper cards are appropriate for disposable use with the more robust PVC cards suitable for multiple and future use, like identity, key card and security access applications.

Cards are also ideal in promotional use, programmed with offers or special rewards. These are available in an exceedingly variety of quality materials to make exactly the impression you want.We can also provide custom made NFC Cards by your requirements and needs.

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NFC Stickers:

NFC Stickers are NFC Labels with NFC Chip embedded in paper, PET or other materials. different sizes and shapes available. We can custom print NFC Stickers with your logo, Graphics, or serial number.

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