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NFC Cards are developed in digital format to send your contact details directly to your phone by just touching your mobile phone using latest NFC technology. If you keep spending your money for business cards and wasting the previous cards every time if there is an amendment in design or telephone numbers, Zurich Technologies NFC cards Dubai is the best choice for your business or personal use.

Whether you are exchanging them before a meeting or handing them out in a more informal social setting, your business cards are something you have used daily for years. Now though, a new opportunity is here: the ability to completely integrate your digital world with your business one, bridged by the next generation of smart business cards.

NFC cards Dubai provided by Zurich Technologies are ideal to be used in ticketing and access control, suitable for either only once or multi-pass usage. Economy paper cards are appropriate for disposable use with the more robust PVC cards suitable for multiple and future use, like identity, key card and security access applications.NFC card can be used as social and business detail sharing. NFC cards Dubai are very strong and complete also they are waterproof and dust proof which  is able to be used for most purposes.

We manufacture bespoke NFC cards Dubai to meet individual requirements in terms of large volume, shape, type and printing. Please contact us with any bespoke or large volume requirements as we have a decade experience of producing high quality and very large volumes of NFC cards.

NFC Card is  also ideal in promotional use. These are available in an exceedingly variety of quality materials to make exactly the impression you want.We can also provide custom made NFC Card by your requirements and needs.


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