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We are the leading & experienced mobile app development Dubai having a huge experience in providing custom made iOs application Dubai. Android Application Dubai, UAE and rest of GCC. We pride ourselves on delivering strong functioning software within short iterations, continuously improving the product and adding new features even on the latest stages of the mobile app development Dubai. We are proud to say that our mobile App development Dubai for both iOS and Android is tailored to every project so you will get a unique, bespoke solution that is right for your business. If you approach us with a full-fledged software requirement specification and have a clear picture of the end product in mind, we utilize our own methodology where your project sequentially goes through the stages of design, programming and deployment without any changes to the requirements.

Since the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android competing for top positions worldwide, the number of smartphones users using these platforms are increasing day by day. Developing a mobile platform which is adaptable on various platforms is a unique opportunity and unique challenge. The major factors that we always keep in mind while developing a mobile application is that:

  • Acquire as many customers as possible and deliver highest quality engagement with the target market.
  • Provide great user experience and value added services to various platforms.


IPhone has dominated the mobile device and smartphone marketplaces in technology, popularity and audience reach over the past years. We specialize in iOS app development to provide our clients with the best custom end-to-end iPhone app development services. We have teams of analysts, designers, developers and project managers to craft visually stunning iPhone apps. The results we produce for our clients always exceed expectations and exponentially increase brand awareness. We work with our customers from conceptualization, architecture and design to develop the custom made iOS application for their choice. We strive for perfection in every iOS application we build.

The iPhone app market is completely rewarding! From the sources it has been said that Apple has paid about 13.1 billion dollars for iPhone app developers. Thus in order to succeed in market you should have the right app,the right functionality, the right rollout and the right support. That exactly you’ll find in Zurich Technologies. We always take care of developing custom made iOS applications that makes you grab from the web or desktop app to iPhone. The unique features of our mobile application development is we provide end to end solutions for the applications including business analysis, design, development, testing, delivery and project management for your iPhone app.


Android, a Linux based Operating System’s popularity has been on a steep rise over the past few years of its market existence.Android has got tremendous response from users over the past years. The most important feature of android platform is the integration of Google products and services to the platform. Devices based on android OS let users synchronize to the Google account and there by letting an easy access to Google services and also it has the ability to run multiple tasks at the same time.

We have a technically skilled android expert team having component skill in developing robust and secure android applications. We always make sure of the android application we deliver is competent to provide cutting edge experience to our clients. We develop custom android applications that meet your needs and requirements and make your vision a reality. We are pride ourselves being the leading Android App Development Company that uses quality tools, professionalism and experience in Android app programming, Android app testing, and Android app designing.We ensure effective communication by using ultra-modern communication technologies.

We develop apps for various industries including:

  • Android Business app Development
  • Android Security app Development
  • Android Finance app Development
  • Android Game app Development
  • Android health-care app Development
  • Android e-commerce app Development etc.
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