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We welcome you to the Future of  Visitor Management solutions that marketers and planners have only dreamed of in the past! Whether you’re planning a conference, promoting an event, concert, or any sort of event nowadays, technology is going to play an enormous role. If you don’t take advantage of the most recent technological advances when it comes to  visitor management you may find yourself watching all of your attendees play on their smartphones whereas ignoring the main target of your event. We can use the latest NFC technology for planning an event. Near Field Communication (NFC) based event visitor management solutions deliver timely and relevant messages at your conference or event to your event attendees, based on the proximity of attendees with NFC-enabled devices like smartphones or tablets. NFC technology can even be activated by chips in attendees’ wristbands or badges.

An event or conference can now be automated through enhanced NFC technology by Zurich technologies Event visitor Management solutions. NFC technology is already available in all smartphones, which means this is the exact time through which we can take the fully advantage of NFC technology for planning events. Processes like lead retrieval that used to be manual can now be easily recorded accurately with this form of communication. In order to develop sales leads or send promoting materials to in the future, NFC technology will assist you collect and consolidate information more effectively and expeditiously than ever by directly communicating along with your attendees’ NFC-enabled devices and stored event data.

How NFC works for your Events?

  • NFC based event visitor management can make the whole entry process easier. If the attendees have        an NFC based smartphone he can access his entry through an NFC card reader by matching his data with the data in the event organizer’s database.
  • Event organizers can use mobile payment to make convenient for attendees to buy food, merchandise or other products with a simple tap on an NFC reader.
  • Networking is an important factor for attendees especially for events trade affairs and conferences. While exchanging business cards there may be chance of losing it. Thus NFC technology can automate all these process digitally. We can use NFC tags containing your contact details or digital cards (vCard) as of business cards and they can be exchanged by tapping two smartphones each other.
  • Event Planners can email the survey about the event to the attendees after the event.
  • Event notifications, Updates and Alerts are easily delivered to the attendees smartphones
  • Attendees can access the digital content about the particular event they are attending via smartphones.
  • At the end of the event, Event planners will have the accurate database of new leads, marketing contacts, social media connections and more.
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